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0001051Interbase/Firebird[All Projects] Generalpublic2019-04-18 19:46
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Summary0001051: Error in the Database Comparer when comparing the fields description of a view (Firebird 2.5)
DescriptionThe error occurs if the master objects are read out of a scriptfile. In this case the fields (TFldData) of the View (TViwData) don't have the properties "OwnName" and "OwnObject" set. But it seems to be required in the procedure GenScriptViewAlter.

The attached archive contains both master and target DBs and the resulting script.

The problem can be fixed by adding the following code to the TIbParser.ParseView method:

procedure TIbParser.ParseView(caSy: TSymbol);
  vData: TViwData;
  i: Integer;
  fldData: TFldData;
  vData := TViwData.Create(Objs);
  vData.ObjName := Ident;
  if Sy = lParentSy then IdxFieldsList(vData.Flds);
  for i := 0 to vData.Flds.Count - 1 do
    fldData := vData.Flds.Objects[i] as TFldData;
    if Assigned(fldData) then
      fldData.OwnName := vData.ObjName;
      fldData.OwnObj := vData;
//<-- end fix
  DoLogNextLine('View: '+vData.ObjName);
  DoAddStatement(stStatement, vData.ObjName, dboView, odbCreate, '', fStatement);
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