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0001189Database Comparer VCL[All Projects] Generalpublic2017-12-06 12:37
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Summary0001189: DB object creation order is invalid
DescriptionThe dependent database objects are created in invalid order. SQL Server 2008 R2. dbcExtractMetadata.dproj demo.

See the provided scripts.
The problems:
1. The view ASI.VEHICLEBYSITEREAD depends on ASI.VehicleRead, but ASI.VEHICLEBYSITEREAD is created before ASI.VehicleRead.

2. VEHICLEPMREAD is not created completely. Compare the scripts.

3. DBO.FUELTYPE is not created completely. The ShortName field is absent.

4. The TIME data type does not extract precision: TIME, but should be TIME (7).

5. SET QUOTED_IDENTIFIER OFF at the beginning of the script, while the original DB script always set it to ON.
Steps To Reproduce1. Create a new database with the SchemaComplete.sql script.
2. Run dbcExtractMetadata.dproj demo and extract DB structure to a script.
3. The resulting script dbcomparerscript.sql.
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